A Messy Room

“Here’s the box that we’re taking. Everything else, we’re donating.” Mom signals at the stacks of books that almost touch the ceiling of my bedroom. “I mean come on, Anne,”

Under the Scope

We feel like we’re under glass Steel eyes press our backs deeper into the cement   Iron ice cubes drown us making us sterile   Only a slab of particles

I Remember pt 1

I remember (inspired by Joe Brainard)   I remember trapezeing for the first time. I sucked.   I remember crashing Mom’s Car   I remember jumping with all my clothes

On Orange

  Blue is a widely loved color. When anybody is asked, “Hey, what’s your favorite color?” I feel as though, “Blue” is the most common answer. But I have never

It’s Bleak at the End.

  The gray walls of the classroom contrasted starkly with the bright orange poster on the back of the door reminding kids to wash their hands. If you were to