It was only then,

When I sat down on the bottom of that rickety boat that smelled of crabs and mildew,

The sticky floor creaking underneath me

(Threatening to break loose at any moment), when

I lifted my head up to the sky and realized I had never really looked up


When I finally did, look up from the ocean

No longer hypnotized by the bottomless blues

It was as if my heart (and my veins pumping arduously to keep it alive)

froze in motion

And God himself came down and stuck his fingers into the vessel,

Causing a cacophony of harmonies  

While slowly uprooting it and unraveling everything in its path,

bringing the rickety boat with him

Back home


I only knew that I was small when I chose to look up from the waste

I was nothing in the palm of his hand,

when I saw the stars face to face

They shined with the conviction of the past

I asked them

How much do you know?

How much have you seen?  

It is after all beneath those same stars

The whole world

Burst into flames


And there I was (in a grimy little boat)

Looking at balls of gas (that had died eons ago)

Waves ebbing on

With my head tilted

Just a little bit up.

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