The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is an American immigration policy put into action during the Obama administration. DACA allowed some individuals who entered the United States as minors to receive a renewable deferred action from deportation effective for two years. Trump attempting to get rid of DACA immigration policies are a disgrace to this country. Though Trump has now revoked the highly distasteful policy, it is shocking to me that he could even fathom making this policy a reality. America was supposed to be a country of opportunity, a country of dreamers. We are supposed to help people in their times of need. Have we been reduced to nothing but the crazy ravings of  xenophobic, senile white men who hide their racism behind unjust “civil” liberty laws?


I always knew that Donald Trump was a prejudice man. The day he won elections, I was up with my mother and we both let out the deepest sigh when his victory was announced; however, I always tried to maintain faith, not in him, of course, but in the American people. I tried to convince myself that the American people would not let his racist comments and degrading terminology influence what they knew to be right. I guess I did not account for almost half of the people who had voted for him.


However, politics aside, we must approach this issue from a humanitarian stance. I know that the DACA immigration policy is cruel, superialistic, and disgusting. I believe that our dear President knows it too. There is only so much hate to go around. This is not the way America should be. To let DACA immigration laws pass would be a disgrace to not only our country but each citizen living in it as well.

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