A Mother’s Advice

When you decide to fly too close to the sun today

(like I know you will)

Don’t forget to pick up the groceries:

We need tomatoes, beans and carrots.

And just because you are flying too close to the sun today,

Doesn’t mean you get to neglect your chores.


Don’t look at me that way,

You really didn’t expect us to starve while you’re off

Melting, did you?


When you’re off flying too close to the sun, today.

Remember that your little sister has recital and

You need to videotape it for us.


Remember the last time you flew too close to the sun?

Your fingers were so burnt you could barely help me cut the onions.


Try to keep in mind you need to videotape today,

Don’t be selfish and go out getting your fingers all charred on purpose.


After your wings have melted


Don’t come to Mum crying.


Mummy is very swamped with work today.

Mummy already told you specifically not to go out flying to close to the sun.

Mummy already told you your wings would melt.

So no crying in front of Mummy!


Now ,I have to go to get ready to pick up your sister.

I’m already late.


Don’t forget to lock the doors behind you when you go.

Now give Mum a kiss.


Oh yes and remember:

And when you fly too close to the sun

And begin to fall (just like I said you would)  

Don’t be scared

Your wings will most likely grow back

By tomorrow

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