I Remember pt 1

I remember (inspired by Joe Brainard)


I remember trapezeing for the first time. I sucked.


I remember crashing Mom’s Car


I remember jumping with all my clothes on into the pool with Vanessa. I felt so young.


I remember learning Dad was suicidal


I remember being nervous right before my AP exam and throwing up on my converse


I remember the first time I enjoyed writing comedy; I wrote about two racist people adopting trying to adopt a baby


I remember my scene making myself laugh


I remember the Hallel cart and going there everyday for lunch for three weeks


I remember falling in love with Game of Thrones


I remember taking Dad’s car out for a joy ride with Jordan. Jordan said I was a shit driver afterwards


I remember crying in the rain just for the drama of it


I remember when I used to love Hannah Montana because she was a blond girl with pretty blue eyes


I remember reading The Bluest Eye.


I remember making Mom cry in the bathroom of my middle school


I remember hating my middle school principal; he was a racist prick


I remember the first time I thought that there was a deeper side to Cameron Janssens; I was right


I remember learning that Virginia Woolf committed suicide.


I remember wondering why all artists die so young.


I remember kissing him for the first time outside a tent filled with people

I remember blasting music with Vanessa as we speed down the highway. That was the day I decided that she was going to be my best friend.


I remember loving a boy


I remember hating the same boy


I remember green tea leaves in steel kettles


I remember on the flight to the Galapagos, Cameron and I got into a horrible fight over me not reclining my seat.


I remember sneaking out of my house early in the morning.


I remember Mom catching me and then cutting all my hair off.



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