On Orange


Blue is a widely loved color. When anybody is asked, “Hey, what’s your favorite color?” I feel as though, “Blue” is the most common answer. But I have never had a favorite color, and when people asked me what my favorite color was, I always felt an impending anxiety, because I did not know what to say. It was only when I was thirteen, I realized I had a deep affinity for the color orange.

I had never really thought about orange until I read The Hunger Games. In a private moment between Peta and Katniss, Katniss asks Peeta what his favorite color is. Peeta responds orange, a sunset orange. I had never really thought of the color orange until I read that one of my favorite book characters loved it. I remember thinking that it was so odd that Peeta, soft and sweet and beautiful Peeta, loved the color of obnoxious highlighters and traffic cones.

Then on my thirteenth birthday I was gifted a copy of A Family of Poems, which is a collection of poems that JFK’s daughter, Caroline Kennedy, collected and put together in a children’s book. The paintings were done by an artist named Jon J Muth. I would very much like to meet Jon J Muth some day. He made me fall for the color orange. There is a painting in the book only drawn with shades of orange. When I looked at it I felt entrapped in its vibrancy and warmth. Orange is a color with range, soft and quiet and cold and wild and happy and angry and etc etc etc is orange. My heart fell for the color.

More recently, I was on the beach with my close friends. It was the night time, yet the stars in the sky lit the world- a natural juxtaposition. The dim light made the sand look orange. I fell on the ground and looked at the sky until I fell asleep. I felt like I was on mars.

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