My father was diagnosed with cancer when I was five years old. My mom always told me how his mother had recently just died because of cancer so this was

Dirty Sneakers

My mom always harcs on me For wearing shoes in the house   She hates the Sweat dirt Grime   She takes our shoes Mine Appa’s And hers And she


When I was younger I would always ask my mother how she knew she hadn’t picked up the wrong baby at the hospital. At the time it seemed like a

Umma Starts Work

When I look into the mirror, I notice that I have boobs. I could have sworn they weren’t there before. My black Harry Potter shirt doesn’t fit correctly anymore. It

Dear J.K Rowling

Dear J.K Rowling,   English wasn’t my first language. I had a hard time speaking it when I was younger. In school, I was that timid kid that kept to